Update on utility bill after efficiency upgrades
1/22/2012 08:40:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

After receiving my last National Grid bill, I just have to brag, ahem, I mean share how much we are saving on our heat and electric. (The above average temps have helped too.)

"This past month we used 375 kWh and 76 therms, down from 105 therms and 562 kWh last year (also after the energy efficiency upgrades).

Dec 09: 122 therms
Dec 08: 153 therms

So we are at about 1/2 of our usage from 3 years ago. Not too shabby!

En-tech Associates handled all our upgrades: furnace, hot water heater, sealing, insulation (cellulose in walls and attic).


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On 8:39 AM , Karl K said...

Congratulations on your "megawatts" and other savings this winter! - Karl

On 8:40 AM , Karl K said...

Stupid autocorrect - was supposed to be "NEGAwatts."