Help a student out? Please take my survey...
4/13/2009 12:45:00 PM | Author: baloghblog


I am conducting a survey for my Social Science Survey Methods class on participation in green energy programs offered through your utility. This survey is completely anonymous, and takes only a minute or two to complete.

Whether or not you participate in this type of program, I'd appreciate your help:

surveymonkeyClick Here to take survey
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On 8:23 PM , CatHerder said...

Done! My husband and I have been paying extra for the past few years, ever since we were offered the option of getting electric from the windmills in south jersey..the original company sold off, but we get it from another now, but pay through our local provider..most people cant understand why we would pay extra, but i feel its just one step we can take if we have the option. good luck with your survey

On 11:03 PM , Anonymous said...

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On 5:00 PM , Rev. Karl said...

Just took the survey. For the one question (forget the number) we are aleady waaaaay into overshoot. I put that I agree because I think this sort of answers how I feel, but I almost put strongly disagree. - KK