The numbers don't lie! Hypermiling works!
6/10/2008 03:12:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
UPDATE: signed up here for a cool way to track mileage after a fill-up. Here’s my badge:


Here's some recent stats from my attempt at hypermiling.


303.8 miles on 12.93 gal = 23.5 mpg (a little lead footed...)


272.7 miles on 10.15 gal = 26.9 mpg (getting better...)


330.0 miles on 11.57 gal = 28.5 mpg (best mpg to date!)


294.4 miles on 12.47 gal = 23.61 mpg (what happened!?!)


Total 1200.9 miles on 47.12 gallons = 25.5 mpg Average

Some thoughts/experiences: Using the A/C makes a big difference. Also, on hot days, I notice that the cooling fan is running nearly constantly - that must use a bit more gas than normal. I imagine that I could squeak out a few more miles by going 55 instead of 57 mph, but for some reason - my right foot is a Sammy Hagar fan. The boxy shape of the Forester + drafting behind tractor trailers and busses = a jostled ride. Don't know if drafting is helping much. Much harder not to idle when the temperature is 95 and above. I have to admit cheating a little on that one.

I got an oil change last week and put in a new air filter which should help things. What's not helping things right now is a sticky caliper on the front left disc brake. It's on the to-do list to fix. I imagine that it is reducing my mpg by 2-5 as it is an intermittent drag on acceleration.


For those wondering, here are the EPA estimates for the 2000 Forester (Revised lower this year):

forester stats
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