Hey Syracusans, Time to Pick Up the Rock Ourselves
6/02/2008 07:41:00 AM | Author: baloghblog

This Sean Kirst column is the best metaphor that I've seen for the inaction in the Syracuse area.  Go read it.

Funny to think that the problem was solved not by a driver who bothered to pull over and take time to pick it up, but people who regularly walk "everywhere" and don't drive.

[image via Flickr static416]
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On 3:47 PM , sean said...


i thought the same thing about 'walkability.' that area is sort of a boundary line between the paths and sidewalks leading to the near west side and the heavy-traffic-car-oriented craziness of western lights. the two folks who moved the rock saw it as an out-of-place part of their world; to many of those driving past, it was part of someone else's world.


On 1:45 PM , spelled with a K said...

reminds me of my favorite response when someone complains about something.

"Gee, you're right, somebody ought to do something about it...how 'bout you."