Coming Soon to a Gas Station Near You: Half Gallon Pricing!
5/29/2008 08:31:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
I posted this at Groovy Green, but for those of you that only come here...

A sign of the times.

New York state Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker today announced that gas stations with non-digital fuel dispensers can apply for half gallon pricing, since older equipment cannot compute prices in excess of $3.999.

Signs advertising fuel prices must still advertise the price for a full gallon of fuel, but the price displayed on the pump would be half the per-gallon price.
Amazing to think that the manufacturers of those fuel pumps couldn't imagine a world where gasoline cost more than $3.999.

Coming soon?:

coming soon?

[This is a badly photoshopped picture of a gas station sign that I took when I thought that gas at $2.25/gal was expensive. And no, it wasn't $2.25 per 1/2 gal of ice cream, heh heh]
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On 5:43 AM , Timmy said...

Good Job! :)