Cammuso = Right on the Money
4/01/2007 12:32:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

The Sunday Post-Standard's opinion section regarding the Bigger Better Bottle Bill being dropped (I won't bother linking as their links expire within 2 weeks):
Because he budget deals were cut behind closed doors, the public has to assume the bottle bill was used as a chit in some longer negotiation. What it was traded away for we may never know.
Once again, business interests trump ecological common sense in the NY State government. I have to reiterate that this is a real let down right out of the gate, Governor Spitzer.

See more of Frank Cammuso's brilliant political cartoons here. *including this other take on the BBB
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On 11:02 AM , NYCO said...

As for who/what killed the bill, what is was traded for I presume... a commenter on my blog dropped the cryptic hint "Grannis" (ie the confirmation of DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis...) maybe this was a tit for tat. Grannis being the... uh... tit, and the killing of the bottle bill being the tat.

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