I'm back
2/13/2007 09:24:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Writing in the big (semi-big?) world of blogging has had its perks. I have taken two trips on some one else's dime, met some wonderful people, and learned a lot about the back end of a blog, and the back end of a partnership.

But recently I found myself worrying about what stories I thought might be popular to post, rather than what stories I am interested in, and what ones I'd like to tell. I found myself missing baloghblog, and all of its semi-anonymity. Sure I was always excited to see where people were coming from to read my writing, and how many people stopped by on a given day - but I think that I was using baloghblog more to sort out all of the thoughts swarming in my head, and less so to become rich (heh) or famous (heh heh).

I am not resigning my post at GG, I will still be posting relevant links and articles that I find over there. I will still be writing in-depth articles as well (I have something in the works about "This Old..." Well - you'll just have to wait and see.) But I am going to pick back up the reigns of this old nag, and see if she's got a few more go-rounds left in her.

I realize that it has become more important to me to try to make a change in my community, and real changes in my lifestyle, then it is to write about those changes in a abstract way. I have written bi-weekly articles for my place of employment, and they have been well received. I will be rallying the troops over there to help join me in my efforts to reduce our company's impact on the environment and prepare for a future with less available gasoline and energy.

I am planning an extensive expansion of my garden this spring. Despite the forecasted 2-3 feet of snow we're getting in the next 24 hours, I think that I'd better get planning and get those seeds ordered. I'll be writing more about that soon, and posting a pic of the plans.

I just need to go back to my roots for a while and remember why I got into this in the first place.

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On 12:22 PM , Ianqui said...

Welcome back! I still like hearing about your garden.