Peak Oil and Lasik Surgery
11/19/2006 07:35:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
I just have been thinking about the two. Not that they're exclusively related, but if one was to have eye surgery that could theoretically improve eyesight for the rest of one's adult life, it would seem to me a good idea in the face of an oil crisis.

The idea that my eye sight could be permanently damaged as well has delayed my decision.


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On 7:41 PM , fatguyonalittlebike said...

My wife has been on me to have the surgery but I can't get past the what if situation. What if they screw up? It's not like I can just replace my eyes or something. I would be freaking blind.

And the cost. You can buy a ton a spectacles for the cost of a LASIK operation. Probably about 25 years worth wouldn't you say?

On 4:32 PM , Anonymous said...

I am currently contemplating the same thing. I too am leary of eye damage. I'm nearsighted, from elongated eyeballs and wonder if there are any long term effects if my eyeball "flattens" out some in old age.

Also, considering eyeglasses have been around for many centuries, I predict they will be available even in an oil depleted future. Sure, you might have to wear the same frames for many years, but the lenses are essentially polished glass and could be made by most glassblowers.

I'm with FGLB on the costs, I'd rather spend my money on solar power cells or house improvements or lots of eyeglass frames.


On 11:38 PM , reden said...

honesty, i didnt get the connection dude. but hey, the godzilla photo you posted made up for it (some) hehe. go visit my blog too alright? thanks!