Go read my (brief) review of Salt City Roasters
8/07/2006 07:44:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

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On 1:04 PM , NYCO said...

I got some take-out from Salt City Roasters yesterday and... well, I think they need a little time to get the kinks out. The service was wonderful, couldn't be nicer, and our order was up in reasonable time, but the quarter-chicken(dark) portion seemed very small, and the salt potatoes seemed way overcooked. (The chicken itself was very good, wish there was more of it!)

I plan to return and try different menu items. I hope they do well.

On 9:05 PM , Anonymous said...

i believe that the food is awesome... and yah. nobody should complain about it :-) im there almost everyday

On 6:12 PM , Anonymous said...

agreed! the food is GREAT and staff really friendly. excellent new place and super tatsy food! did i say that already? well, whatever - is IS!