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Peak Oil Mention in Post-Standard (From a high-school student!)
8/01/2006 04:49:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Voices (P-S):

The youth of America have been lied to.

I am not referring to the myth about cracking one's knuckles, nor the belief that the only way we will succeed is if we go to college, nor the status quo that we must be fashionable and attractive at the cost of everything else.


Cheap oil does more for us than allow you to drive your car. About 10 calories of fossil fuels go into one calorie of food in the U.S. Modern medicine, water distribution and national defense are all powered by oil. So is the manufacturing of all plastics, including computers.

Alternative fuels? They require more oil to make than they give out in energy. They are outrageously expensive. And in the case of biodiesel, there is not enough room to grow both food and energy for everybody.

If you doubt any of this, go to www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net and see for yourself.

Whose fault is this? Everyone's. But it is the youth who are going to be affected the most. We are going to have very crappy lives, just trying to stay alive.

Read the rest of the short article. I am amazed that it made it into the paper. The writer?

Galen Velonis will be a junior this fall at Tully High School