7/26/2006 09:41:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
sorry anyone who still has me on their RSS feeds, or is stopping by. There just aren't enough hours in the day to blog at 2 sites, work, garden, play and relax. Unfortunately, baloghblog has suffered.

if you're hankering for a fix, go check out my last article at GG:

America's Big Fat Oil Problem?

and you can check out some pictures of my garden this year:


Hope everyone is having a great summer and keeping cool! Look forward to returning to blogging about local things in the fall.

p.s. CSA-CNY has been delivering great fresh organic food each week, consider a share next year!

p.p.s. Go read The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan. Highly recommended and good educational summer reading that will change the way that you look at your food.
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On 5:34 PM , phil said...

Does fall start immediately after the state fair, when the gardens are all harvested, when the snow's on the pumpkin or after the election?

Baloghblog, CNY Ecoblog, Lucelu: we're starting to get lonely out here in the CNY blogosphere!

Have a fun rest of the summer.

On 5:49 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi baloghblog, Found the blog by surfing peak oil. Od'ed a bit on peak oil topic at the Nofa conference, saw End of Suburbia.
Been surfing net to find some hope :). I like your list. You are a CSA member. I am a CSA farmer in New England so we are neighbors.

Got wet and cold working today so have been drying and surfing.

My goal is to preserve more of the food I spend all summer (and part of winter and spring)growing. Get dh to cart one of our steers off so I can have grass fed beef again. Eat the last two or three of my roosters (in freezer)take the plung and raise some meat chickens next summer as opposed to just roosters. Buy other foods locally that I don't raise (like pork, dairy).
I am too cheap to be a huge shopper but I probably could tighten up.
I read Omnivores Dilemma and Real Food (Nina Plank) this summer and am making changes to my already not terrible cooking habits.
Well keep up the good work, Beth CSA farmer.