7/31/2006 10:34:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
Kirst should be the moderator. Spitzer should meet Suozzi in Upstate debate

Well, I'll say it now, and that also goes for Suozzi, especially when it comes to the personality disorders of punch-drunk Upstate cities. I've lived in such places as Syracuse and Dunkirk and Niagara Falls. Those towns are not just struggling because of economic woes. They are struggling because of boneheaded decisions by decades' worth of shortsighted civic leaders.

Suozzi and Spitzer have said they want to listen harder to locally elected officials from Upstate. Really? You mean like the folks who ignored national precedent and built our baseball stadium in the middle of an isolated field? Or the folks who want to build a sewage treatment plant in our most vibrant downtown commercial district? Or the folks who rejected a decision by an elected body and instead tried to get a 30-year tax break for a developer approved through the back door?

(emphasis mine)

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