Quick thoughts on Light Rails, Gas tax caps, and Centro
5/27/2006 09:17:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
NYCO got me thinkin':

Some politician should grow a pair and come out against capping the tax. He (or She) should say, we’re not going to cap the tax, but any revenue over $2.XX/gal will go directly into revamping this region’s poor public transportation. That way when gas is $4.50/gal, we will be prepared for the increased ridership on Centro, as well as getting the masses of people down from the North Country and far exurbs into the city to work.

You can keep my $0.04/gal, as long as you promise that centro will run later than 5:30pm out of the city.

And what about a Baldwinsville –> Cicero –> Liverpool –> “DestiNY” –> Syracuse Light Rail?

Or a Chittenango –> Manlius –> Fayetteville –> Dewitt –> SU Hill –> Downtown Line? How many cars would that take off the road?

Light rails are silent, run on electric power, and would increase property value for those living near it. (PDF)

Of course, in this county no one can see past next week let alone 5-10 years down the road. So I won’t hold my breath.

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On 12:16 PM , ArchitectJae said...

I completely and wholeheartedly agree; I've been dreaming about light rail and trolley systems running through Syracuse for years.
When I see the many old photographs of the streetcars of a century ago...when I notice, whilst walking about the city, the original rails peaking through the pavement...when I read articles about the amazing public transportation of yesteryear...I realize all this has been done before, and well. Why can it not be reimplemented?

I think your idea with the gas tax is brilliant, but I wonder how such ideas can be taken to a level of action, rather than remain in a conceptual stage. I would love for a grassroots movement to bring the topic of light rail into the spotlight in our region--educating people, getting them excited, and allowing them to get involved themselves.

People often cite cost and lack of ridership as main deterrents, but with no hard evidence to back it up. The CENTRO system cannot be used as a precedent, as it is in a league of its own: The bus system is confusing to most, with arbitrary routes and irregular schedules.
Although the city does have a rail system of sorts, OnTrack, it hardly approaches the potenial of a true light rail system: Ontrack has only three main stops, and while important destinations, they are just that--destinations. The system does not reach out (connect to) residential communities--the people that would ride the train--to bring them to these destinations. Some students ride the train from the dorms near the dome, but a large wasteland of parking and pavement must be traversed to reach the station. The train runs only a few days of the week, and it ends well before dark...when far more people are likely to ride it to the mall for movies, or downtown for dinner and nightlife.

If 'complete' light rail system were to run thorough the city, I certianly would ride it. Everyday.

On 2:50 PM , nulinegvgv said...

steve please stop sugar-coating your message. we don't want you to end up as a politican ;)

On 6:52 PM , RomeHater said...

I'd prefer the money. As bad as Syracuse may be, Oneida county has no real public transportation. Centro doesn't even go from Utica to Rome.

On 4:19 PM , Brad Munson said...

Generally FORCING people to do the right thing (i.e., green public transit) doesn't work...but after years of asking, cajoling, marketing, and encouraging ... maybe it IS time to get out the big stick.

Great blog ... you say it straight!

On 8:38 PM , # said...