Spring has sprung, and the projects have started
4/05/2006 07:01:00 AM | Author: baloghblog

Big project #1: (before) Tear Down That Wall! Removal of an old picket fence that did not keep the vermin out of the garden, and did not represent our true property lines.

(after) A little mowing and a little raking will smooth things out.

Other side of the house. Notice my nice neighbor in the background. After sharing a cold beer with him after the labor, he told me that he'd be willing to help me cut down a large dead tree on my property. (Would have cost me $1000 to have professionally removed.)

My heirloom seeds from rareseeds.com

Seeds in the 'incubators' and ready to grow! Click on image to see what I have started so far.

Thoughts on fences and neighbors. The saying goes "Good fences make good neighbors", which I don't disagree with completely. However, something inside of me felt good tearing that fence down. It didn't do anything to protect our privacy, it wouldn't have kept a dog in or other animals out - it was just a marker of this is what is mine. I don't need that in my life right now. After tearing down both fences, I looked all the way down the backyard, and clear across 4 neighbors. I thought, what a perfect place for kids to play. Anyways, it was strange the good feeling that came over me as a bashed the fence down with a big maul (the dull end). For you recyclers out there: I put the fence out in front, and within 45 mins it was claimed by someone that will continue to use it.
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