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Recent news items have reported that carbon monoxide has been used to enhance the appearence of packaged meat in US grocery stores. The FDA is defending this policy as safe. The fact that this process allows meat to appear red and fresh for up to 30 days, despite possibly high levels of bacteria or masking meat that has spoiled, has many concerned. I personally use the old "sniff test", but have to admit that meat that is red and fresh looking is most appealing to the eye in the store while shopping. Removing the plastic wrap to get a good inhale of the meat while in the cooler aisle, will get you good meat, but also gather a few strange looks. I attempted to contact 3 local grocery store chains this afternoon, and I am still waiting to hear from 2 of them. I am happy to report that a customer service representative from Wegmans told me, "there is no carbon monoxide enhanced meat sold in Wegman's stores," and despite use of MAP packaging (bubble packs) for ground turkey and meat patties, that these meat products do not contain CO either.

Please call your local grocery stores to inquire about this practice and to give them feedback that it is not something that you want sold in your local grocery store. Then tell them to buy local and support local agriculture!

(Yes, I know that I should really go vegan for my health, and to cut down on fossil fuel use, and that there are eco-friendly meat options out there.)

Update: P&C foods returned my call and assured me that they do not sell CO treated meat as well.
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On 5:29 PM , Ravyn said...

While this is interesting it is not surprising or shocking in any way. Tons of other stuff are in meat products including dyes, hormones and other chemicals. If you really feel strongly about the environment then you should not eat meat or reduce the amount of meat that you eat to almost nothing. Factory farming is one of the leading causes of environmental polution. Thousands of acres of land are destroyed from the processes used to factory farm the meat you buy in the supermarket. It has been argued that it is the single most destructive thing that we do. It contaminates the ground, our water and poisons our bodies. Sorry but I don't believe that anyone who buys and eats factory farmed meat is a true environmentalist. If you want to show your concern for the earth and actually make a difference, not eating meat or at least factory farmed meat would be the single most important thing you could do. It would make the most impact if all environmentalists followed this philosphy.

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