Carnival of the Green #19
3/19/2006 08:28:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Spring is upon us! 6:22pm UTC will mark the Vernal Equinox today.

Time for thoughts to shift from hibernation into action. Time to throw open the windows, air out the home (well may not yet in the Northeast!) Time to plan your garden, start your seedlings and dream of warmer days to come.

The carnival rolls into baloghblog this week, in all of it's green glory.

So grab your cup of tea, fair trade coffee, or left over "green" beer from St. Patty's Day, and sit back and enjoy the best of the green blogosphere this week.

First up, my buddy Chris at Groovy Green has a post to inspire all of us amateur gardeners out there. The Permaculture Institute of Australia takes a piece of wasteland in the Dead Sea Valley and amazingly grow food and trees on it. Follow the link for this bright spot in the tumultuous middle east.

I had a piece on new technology to use solar pyramids to create energy and hot water in India.

The Worsted Witch posts a snippet of Jonathan Schell, with an inspiring quote about shaking off the lethargy and fatigue and beginning to act. Appropriate, as we enter the season of rebirth and renewal of spring.
...arousal and action would give us access to hope, and life would start to mend: not just life in its entirety but daily life, every individual life.
On the lighter side, to go with your dose of inspiration - a dose of fashion, with a green twist. "Here are some of my favorite recycled bags, proving that keeping waste out of the landfill has never been so chic."

Have you recently traded in your fashionable bags for a diaper bag? Laura from Urban Eco posts a recently discovered link to The Green Guide's article in Mothering Magazine providing advice on finding chemical-free baby products.

Jeff at Sustainablog reminds us that exposure to nature as a child leads to having a larger interest in environmental issues when we grow up. His post "How to Turn Your Kid Into a Treehugger" brought back memories of my childhood, hiking, camping and learning about the world around me - and the influential people in my life that gave me those great memories.

Rebecca from GreenerMiami wins the big fluffy stuffed animal prize this week for her great series of posts on a "Week of Trash". This is an area that I struggle to do better in, and she may just have inspired me. She analyzes a weeks worth of refuse produced in her home. Without further ado, here's the links: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Final Results. Her final results post is full of good thoughts on reducing your household waste.

More garbage (or should I say LESS garbage): The Blue Voice's environmental writer sings the praises of composting. This spring, if you haven't already, make the small investment in a composting system that will pay off in a dramatically reduced kitchen trash output.

Elisa from the Hip and Zen Pen, brings up the topic of corporate responsibility, An exchange between green LA Girl and a journalists illustrates that a) "corporate responsibility" is truly a relativeterm and b) bloggers can throw down and hold their own with mainstream media when they do their homework.

The Bird Flu is the "new boo" according to Harlan at Greener Magazine. His slightly tongue-in-cheek appraisal of a paranoid "greener's" survival chances this flu season, actually has some good basic preparation information for whatever disasters life may throw at us.

Moving across the carnival pond, Al dissects the buyout of the "green" Body Shop, by the not so green L'Oreal, and it's pros and cons. Al @ CityHippy explains why he thinks this deal is a good thing for both parties, people and planet and crucially why Anita Roddick is not a sell-out, well no more than the rest of us anyway. As Al puts it: Being green is just not that black and white.

Time for another round of Green beer! The Dirty Greek brings two breweries to light that are producing brown colored beer though green practices.

Now that you've had a few green beers your ready to go take on the snark over at Jon Swift, who wanted to make sure that he let us know that he didn't believe in global warming, but if it actually does exist, he'd like to speed it up by driving his SUV, and growing a rice paddy to increase methane production. (Blame this one on Al, he's the one that said I had to be all inclusive!) Just take it easy on him, k?

Enrique Gili at commonground brings up the touchy subject of gentrification and government involvement, in this case as it affects inner-city neighborhoods in Houston, Texas.

Other tasty tidbits:

The FIR Project blogs about a rain forest on a US Territory, the Carribean National Forest (El Yunque) on the island of Puerto Rico. Check out in-depth information on this topic, including a video, and links to explore the region by satellite.

Terry, submits a post that they feel is "not technically on the environment, but more on soical justice generally. A piece that contrasts hollywood with the Millenium Development Goals. It's called "An Annotated Terry Entry About The Oscars" An interesting comparison between the excess of the oscars and ways that the money could be spent to better the world.

Greenthinkers posts on an interesting idea in Denmark to promote the use of bicycles for tourist and residents by placing them throughout the city and charging a nominal fee, that is returned when the bike is returned.

The Rose Mountain Farm blog, has a post up on the latest doings at the farm, including a Shiitake Mushroom Workshop that was a great success. Click on over for other information on their production of fresh organic food.

Philobiblon worries about accelerated global warming and ice melt, and whether we might be in the fall of the modern roman empire. On a less worrisome note, she has had a small victory in the prompting her library to reuse plastic supply bags, that normally would find their way to the garbage to strewn around the cloak room.

UPDATE: Late Entry Post. fiftyRX3 chimes in with a great post. It goes to the heart of something that really bothers me, "holier-than-thou" environmentalists. I'll let her words describe it:
I wrote a response to a comment by a reader who suggested my efforts to wear more sustainable clothing was less worthwhile than other endeavours and that it was easy "to just talk about being green". I really feel drawing lines to divide people in the environmental movement weakens the cause. I went on to explain how I've tried to do my part on a personal level and that this is the area I've chosen to focus on in more of a professional/ activist level. His suggestion that I never use a/c and walk everywhere I found to go against the practical solutions we need to offer for the masses. I think the people over at Grist and Fast Company agree...

Thanks so much if you can include it. I would really like to get other people's responses. I find it frustrating not to be taken seriously just because I have chosen to focus on style and design. That said, I also feel the fashion world doesn't take me seriously because I have chosen to focus on sustainability. I would love to hear any thoughts readers may have on this in the comments section of this post.
Phew, that is it! I am getting off this crazy ride, until next week that is! Hope you've enjoyed this week's carnival at baloghblog. You can find last week's edition at Dirty Greek, and look for next weeks Carnival of the Green at Greener Magazine.

For information on hosting the carnival yourself, click HERE (City Hippy) or HERE (Triple Pundit)

*on a personal note, I've "come out of the blogging closet" so-to-speak, and will now be posting full time over at Groovy Green. baloghblog will still exist, and I will continue to post on local issues here (and the occasional long peak oil rant), but if your jonesing for a little baloghblog, head over to GG and subscribe to the RSS or bookmark the page. Thanks for everyone's support and continued interest in my writing.
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On 8:02 AM , Harlan said...

Terrific Carnival Steve, thanks much. Congratulation as well on your link up with GG, everyone wins.

Harlan, Greener Mag

On 8:40 AM , baloghblog said...

You're just excited about the picture I found on "how bird flu is transmitted to humans" - heh heh.

On 9:42 PM , Transmogrifier said...

Great carnival. Especially liked the post by the guy who wants to drive his SUV to increase global warming. His posts are hilarious. I found them to be the funniest satirical posts I have read.

On 7:56 AM , LuceLu said...

Interesting, with Spring not forthcoming this Spring in Syracuse.... how big of an SUV do I have to drive to stop the snow flurries and bring the temp up over 40 degrees? LOL

BTW I am sorry to see you move. I enjoy the local flavor. However, all good things have to come to an end and no one understands that more than me. I am moving also (geographically--not cybergraphically) and soon LuceLu in Liverpool will have to transmorgify to reflect those changes. BTW: let's life our "green" beers to a toast--to change!

On 6:03 PM , Kate West said...

Great links and commentary! I'm off to peruse many of them now . . . . :-)

On 11:10 PM , phil said...

Damn you Groovy Green! First you post on how much you love 'green" George Pataki, now you take the Balogh out of Baloghblog. (Not to mention Geddesblog--who's going to pester Geddes Town about posting minutes now?)