Question for the Walsh Watch blogger
2/08/2006 07:27:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

When is the last time that James Walsh held a "town-hall" type meeting that his constituents could attend?

Has he ever?
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On 11:07 AM , The Watcher said...

I looked back til 2000. I can only find 4 times. In June of 2004 he held a forum for seniors on the new medicare law, in January of 2004 he appeared at a forum on Destiny along with numerous other politicians, in 2003 he held an forum for veterans and in 2000 he was at an open forum hosted by the Independence Party. But most notably Walsh never held a public forum on either social security or the war in Iraq.

On 3:35 PM , Anonymous said...

Though Walsh did refuse to attend a public forum on Social Security where he was invited along with Representative Bohlert and Representative McHugh