Groovy Green: Center of Excellence Construction Begins in Syracuse
2/15/2006 10:44:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

drilling for coe.jpgGroovy Green:

News 10 Now is reporting that 400 foot test holes have started to be drilled this week in preparation for an ambitious geo-thermal heating/cooling system.

...the center started test drills for a new geothermal energy system.

"We'll be drilling these holes 400 ft. deep and circulating water up and down holes. When the water goes down, it'll come back up at about 50 degrees. We could use that water for heating in the winter time or cooling in the summertime," said Dr. Ed Bogucz, Center of Excellence Executive Director.
The building will be located on East Washington and Almond St. in Syracuse a prominent downtown location, visible from Rtes. 690 and 81. More information on the Center of Excellence

From the Post-Standard via SU (

Officials hope to open the Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems by fall 2006. A firm is expected to be selected by mid-April, and firms within New York state will be given preference, Edward Bogucz, the executive director, told about 70 people at the Thursday Morning Roundtable at Drumlins.
"We're looking at the project as an opportunity to benefit companies in New York state that design and construct high-performance buildings," he said.

Bogucz spoke about the potential for the Syracuse center to become a world leader in environmental technology. The roundtable is a weekly event sponsored by SU's continuing education program.

The Center of Excellence connects university faculty with local companies that could manufacture products coming out of academic laboratories. Pataki has designated five regions as centers of excellence: Albany, Buffalo, Long Island, Rochester and Syracuse. Each focuses on a different technology.

Syracuse's center focuses on how people's health and productivity are affected indoors by factors such as temperature, sound and lighting. It also focuses on renewable energy sources, such as solar power.
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