#8: A Book Review - Walk For Your Life
2/26/2006 10:09:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

walkforyourlife.jpgMy wife picked up this book for me, since she knew I am interested in walkable communities, and it didn't disappoint.

It is filled with the history of communities, and takes a page from Kunstler's earlier works regarding suburbia and sprawl. I liked the ties that she made between our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and obesity, illness, and childhood disease. Ms. Demers discusses our dependence on cars, the hostile environment design to limit walking to desitinations. She finishes the book with some suggested solutions, for individuals, communities, and the design of future neighborhoods. Some of the information in the book I have gathered from other sources, but it is a good overall reference for walkable communities, and increasing the amount of walking that you do in your daily life. I especially liked some of the "side" stories that she had in there. For example, how advances in packaging and decreased food preparation and clean-up has made our lives easier, but has led to more time on the couch and less time that would have been spent standing to prepare a meal and then clean it up after. (That's why that fat-free cake didn't lead to my weight loss...heh heh)

It comes with a 4/5 star recommendation from me. I would have given the 5th star if there was more information on how to go about affecting change in your community (petitions, attending town meetings, etc.) Pick it up from Amazon, or your local library, for a good quick informative read.

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