#43: More Thoughts on CFL Bulbs for Everyone
2/26/2006 10:16:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

102-0277_IMG.JPGAlong the same lines as CFLBulb's push to try to get a CFL bulb in the hands of every child, I have been thinking about starting a charity drive in my neighborhood, and plan to try to find corporate support to donate CFL bulbs to local food pantries, so they can be passed out with the boxes of food. Perhaps someone out there has a relationship with a CFL bulb distributer, that I could hook up with for a bulk rate? I was hoping to speak with some of the local priests and pastor/ministers in the area to appeal to their parishoners for donations of a bulb with their food drives. Given the recent attention to high energy costs, this seems like an optimal time to approach something like this venture. I was happy to see that there are people like Ken Luna who are dedicating time and effort to the issue. I wish him luck in getting through to Oprah, even for a mention on air, which would reach millions.

If anyone has any interest in attempting this grass roots attempt to putting CFL's in the hands of the poor (who can least afford the higher energy costs on a fixed income) contact me in the comments or at baloghblog aat yahoo.com - Ken I hope to hear from you, and would love to go over some ideas/approaches together.

UPDATE: I have spoken from someone from CFLbulbs.com (who has been very enthusiastic and helpful, and have sent out feelers to the Syracuse Greens on this issue. Michael from Groovy Green is also looking into leads as well. The charity push has be initially named F.L.A.S.H. Bulbs (Flourescent Lighting And Sustainable Homes). I am looking forward to pursuing this endeavor, and hope to post an update soon. If you have any interest in helping in the CNY area, or have interest in doing something similar in your home town, contact me at the address above.
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