#36: Another Blog Spotlight - Ardent Eden
2/26/2006 10:15:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

ardentedenstream.jpgArdent Eden: I am not sure how I first picked up on this blog, perhaps it was through a statcounter visit, but I am happy that I found it. This Massachusetts blogger is dealing with the same issues that many of us in the Green Blogosphere are dealing with, and coming up with solutions that make her and her family more independent.

Here is where she started:
At long last, the time has come for me to raise my voice. I’ve been reading thoughtful, enraging and inspiring posts on other blogs and saying “Yes!” for a while now. What’s taken me so long to find my voice?

I have always been drawn to seemingly disparate causes and issues – from the death penalty to animal rights to education. As my senses have been heightened by the wonders of the natural world, protecting our environment has taken on greater urgency for me. But it’s not just that I’ve become a more ardent environmentalist. Over the years I’ve begun to put together the pieces that connect the fragile yet sustaining beauty of our earth with the catastrophic threat of agribusiness, the cancer of suburban sprawl, the soul sickness that flourishes due to human action or inaction on social issues, the mind-numbing plague of blind consumerism, and the gnawing hunger facing a third of the people on our planet.

Give her archives a read, she has been doing some of the most underrecognized green blogging out there.

Link: Ardent Eden

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On 3:47 PM , Melissa said...

I began reading Lauren's posts almost immediately when I began blogging back in January. She is a constant source of inspiration, and she voices so eloquently what a lot of us feel. Hooray for Lauren and the recognition you are giving her blog!