#21: We Need A Teacher Like This In Every School
2/26/2006 10:13:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

recycling.jpgA third grade teacher in Indiana has educated her students on the benefits of recycling paper, and they have now started a school-wide program where the children in her class go from room to room once a week to collect recycleable paper from each classroom and put it in a bin where it is taken to the local recycling center. This is such an impressionable age for children, and the extra effort by this teacher will lead to hundreds of future citizens who are adement recyclers.

Each Friday, teams of third-grade students will set out to pick up the recycled paper from each classroom. They'll then take the paper to a large bin, where it will be picked up by Prichard on Monday.

“I'm just terribly excited about it,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan noted that this project is a service learning project.

“It's hands-on learning. The kids are learning about recycling, but we're doing a service for our school and hopefully it will branch out to the community,” she said.

Link: The Daily World (no not Clark Kent's paper)
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