#2: "Lunar" Hydropower Coming to NY's East River
2/26/2006 10:04:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

verdant turbine.jpgBusiness Week is reporting that this summer, six underwater turbines will begin to supply 200 kW of clean power to a Roosevelt Island supermarket - Gristedes. It is the first of it's kind project in New York City, and will supply roughly half of the store's peak electricity needs. Not only is the energy produced "green", but it is more consistent than wind energy production. Compared with solar's 6 hours of peak energy production per day, this hydropower is produced day and night unaffected by weather 30 feet underwater. (Verdant Power)

Similar projects are in store for Portugal, supplying 2,500 kW of energy to roughly 1,500 Portugese homes. (OPD)

Article Link: Here Comes Lunar Power

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On 9:50 PM , fiftyRX3 said...

ooh, had to post on this... being a stone's throw from the river and all