#19: Open Letter to Rachel Ray of the Food Network
2/26/2006 10:11:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

home composting.gifThis is a letter that I just submitted to the Food Network website.

Dear Rachel Ray,

My wife is a huge fan of your show "30 minute meals", and I have been known to watch a few times myself! I think that you have a tremendous opportunity to make a good impression on people's lives, that is why I am writing to you to ask a favor. During your show, you take the scraps of your veggies and fruits, egg shells, etc. and put them into the "garbage bowl" (garbage) as a way to keep your work area clean, and to make one trip to the garbage. I was hoping that I could persuade you to start using 2 bowls, one for any compostable material like the egg shells, vegetable and fruit scraps and another separate bowl for meat scraps, oils, and non-food items like plastic wrap, etc. Promoting the composting of food waste would save hundreds of pounds of material from going to the landfills from people's homes each year, and would provide those able to compost with rich organic material to feed their flower and vegetable gardens. Many of your viewers would notice the change, and you could be proud in knowing that you were helping the enviroment, and reducing amount of garbage that piles up each year in our landfills. Composting is easy, and there are many websites available to learn how to do it: www.vegweb.com/composting or www.compostguide.com. Please consider making this simple change on your show and mentioning it to your viewers.

Thanks for your time.


****** Balogh

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On 12:18 PM , jean runberg said...

dear rachel, i watched your show friday and it made me cry, i didnt know you had lost boo, but know how you feel i just lost my pal, when did this happen? love you, jean runberg@ sabernet.com