Teaching Children to Compost Saves Money and Reduces Waste
1/12/2006 08:36:00 AM | Author: baloghblog

Groovy Green:

A Washington state school district began a composting program aimed at reducing waste and cutting costs for the school district's trash pickup. Children were educated in how to separate their food and paper items from their trays prior when finished with lunch - and according to the article picked up on it quickly. The district saw initial reductions in waste generated by the cafeteria of nearly 50%. Kids are learning a valuable lesson in composting and perhaps will continue that practice over a lifetime.

Link: ENN.com

Megan Loberg-Martin threw her trash in one bin and the remainders of her lunch in another, picked up her congratulatory "I compost!" sticker and promptly stuck it to her cheek.

The first-grader and the rest of the students at Alderwood Elementary are learning how to recycle food in a pilot program with Sanitary Service Company."It's going to be important for the kids to learn about waste and where it goes," said Bellingham Schools Superintendent Dale Kinsley.

With the help of SSC volunteers, custodians, parents and Kinsley, who joined the Alderwood students for lunch Monday, kids are learning to pour out their milk and separate their silverware from their cafeteria food scraps.

The food and food-related paper products will be collected by SSC and then turned into compost at Green Earth Technologies in Lynden.

We should be encouraging our local school districts to do the same. Composting can be started with a minimal cost and effort. Children love to participate in environmental actions, and will have the opportunity to educate their parents on the value of composting.

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On 12:36 PM , lauren said...

Excellent! Sometimes the best way to get a family to make an environmental change is through the kids.

On 10:47 AM , Norene said...

It's great that kids are getting introduced to the concept of composting in school. It would be even cooler if the composting happened on site at the school (instead of SSC hauling away the scraps to compost at Green Earth Technologies) so the kids could see the direct results of their actions. Even better, they would then apply it to an onsite vegetable garden and see the circle complete itself!