Super (Ethanol-Powered) Pataki to the Rescue Again!
1/17/2006 08:56:00 AM | Author: baloghblog

Groovy Green:

More details out today on Pataki's NYS budget. Included are:

  • Additional $10 million to add 20,000 sq ft of research space to Syracuse's Center of Excellence, for renewable energy research and environmental systems.

  • $20 million for a new ethanol plant in the central New York area, produced from wood and plant sources.

  • Eliminating state taxes on gasoline from renewable sources (ethanol?)

  • $5 million for renewable fuel stations across the state and on the Thruway.

  • $2000 state tax credit for hybrid vehicles, and Thruway discounts for hybrid vehicles.

  • $50 million for private construction of "clean" coal power plants, most likely in Western New York.

  • $10 million to research energy-saving, lightweight car components, including high capacity hybrid vehicle batteries.

  • $24 million for a new "state-of-the-art" alternative fuel vehicle research lab in Malta, north of Albany.

  • $8 million in competitive grants for companies developing hybrid cars that can plug into home electric outlets, and $2 million for businesses developing "flex-fuel" hybrids. (About time!)

  • $5 million to develop hydrogen vehicles.

  • Tax-free state Empire Zone benefits for all "clean energy" companies.

Some good reporting includes this exchange:

ESF spokesman Michael Brower said wood-based ethanol can produce up to 16 times the amount of energy required in its own production.

But Cornell University Professor David Pimentel disputes that; he completed a study last year maintaining it takes more energy to produce ethanol than ethanol creates and that wood-derived ethanol is even less efficient than corn.

Pataki appears to be positioning himself as the renewable energy candidate. I hope that most of his proposals make it through the NY legislature, and we can see a Upstate NY become the renewable energy capital of the US.

The Admin put it best: "Dear Aliens: Please keep the old George. We’re enjoying the new one immensely."


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On 7:17 PM , tkn said...

Sounds like things are moving in a positive direction in NY. I haven't heard of anything that big here in Oregon.