Quick thought on being sick from work.
1/04/2006 03:21:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
I have been laid up for 3 days with a fever and stomach flu. Is it just me, or don't you get embarrassed or feel guilty when calling out from work? I am legitimately ill, but somehow couldn't help feeling like I was letting everyone down by not going in and tended to obsess on that. ("what is my boss going to say?", "how should I tell him?", etc.)

I would have done a disservice by going to work, sickening my clients and co-workers, and I am just starting to feel better after doing no eating and tons of sleeping for 3 days and nights. Somehow I still feel a little guilty for not going in.

Damn American work ethic!

(you know I'm sick when I am stuck at home and haven't even posted to my blog until today!)
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On 4:50 PM , Anonymous said...

Your parents brought you up right.

But I will admit, it is a lot easier "calling" in sick when you can do it on a BlackBerry.

On 6:59 PM , NYCO said...

Imagine a world where you didn't even have to go to work in winter...

Go ahead! Imagine it!

On 5:53 PM , RomeHater said...

I feel bad, but then I think about the low pay.