State of the State Address Today:

We don't have to look far for evidence that the time to transition away from foreign oil is now - it is right there on the gas pumps and in our home heating bills.

Not just here in New York, but across the nation, our reliance on foreign oil is hampering the financial freedom of our working families and their employers; it is hurting our economy, damaging our environment and enriching regimes that support, harbor and encourage the terrorists who threaten our national security.


Let's continue to build on that record of accomplishment by making New York State the leader in reducing dependence on imported energy.

The entire world is now grappling with the question "where will we get the energy to power the global economy of the 21st century without causing irreparable damage to our natural environment?"

Let's make New York the place where that defining question is answered.

Let's make New York the worldwide center for clean, renewable energy research, product development and job creation.

Let's attract companies from around the world that are developing the clean, renewable energy sources of the future - let's make the entire state a tax free zone for this growing industry.

We cannot address the issue of oil dependency without talking about transportation.

Because of the investments we have made in mass transit, we already have the most efficient transportation system in America, but we can do more - much more.

Our transportation system is still over 90 percent dependent on petroleum products. The huge price increases we have seen at the pump are likely to get worse as developing countries like China and India consume an increasing amount of oil.

Later this session, I will propose a plan to jumpstart a new era of statewide availability and use of renewable fuels - ensuring that more of our energy dollars stay right here in New York.

It begins with an initiative to make renewable fuels available at service stations all across the state, starting with the New York State Thruway.

And then, it goes a step further, by making that renewable fuel tax-free throughout the entire State of New York.

(emphasis mine)

I have never really liked Pataki, but I have to admit, I like what he has to say here. Now lets see if any of it can get done in the last year of him leading NY. And, will Spitzer pick up on these issues and run on these goals as well?
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On 5:56 PM , York Staters said...

The thing that struck my most about the state of the state was it's reliance on the word "Let's"
An interesting turn of phrase I think, because to me it sort of says "Wouldn't it be nice if we..." as opposed to "It is imperative that we..."


On 2:54 PM , peakguy said...

Yeah, his leadership has been pretty weak throughout his administration, but I like his energy politics.

On 5:51 PM , RomeHater said...

I've about had it up to here (indicates forehead) with Pataki's targeted tax breaks for companies that he likes. Most of them take the money and run. If you want renewable energy business here, cut taxes for everyone. When fossil fuel prices get high enough, alternative energy will clean up.