New Project Started
1/08/2006 06:29:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Not a sustainability project, a basement remodel.

Step 1? Demolition!

The walls were covered with pine board that had been painted yellow. Unfortunately, there is no insulation, and in most walls, no framing either, so that will have to be built.

This is a view from the above window looking in towards the long wall. This was covered with tar paper (old school moisture barrier), strips of wood and the pine board - all have been removed in this picture.

The walls came down quickly, and we made good progress. My bw wiped down the big wall and started painting the DryLok sealant today.

We plan on adding (an updated) moisture barrier, framing and insulation on the walls. Thick padding and carpet will insulate the floors. Eventually, a wood stove will heat the cozy room, and the house as well. We are very excited to get the ball rolling and this room will provide a cool and comfortable place to relax on hot summer days (without AC), and a cozy fire and insulation will make this a great room to hang out on long winter days.

I will post updates as we go along.
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