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1/28/2006 08:17:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
I have been spending a little more time over there lately, and hatching some big plans... more to come soon.

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On 2:39 AM , phil said...

Hey Balogh:

While you're spending more time hanging out at Groovy Green, could you get them to stop writing press releases for our horrible governor and speculative pieces on the "green" Destiny USA?

On 9:03 AM , baloghblog said...

I am no fan of Pataki, but I have to believe that it is encouraging what he is proposing for NYS as far as green technology, or renewable energy. I understand that his proposed budget has cuts to many vital services, and directly effects the healthcare system, which I am a part of.

We want to develop conversation and would be more than willing to post a rebuttal to anything that we write there.

Re: Destiny. I have been toiling with my position on Destiny for the past 3 weeks. Chris, who runs GG, wanted me to post on the $1 Billion green bond announcement. I haven't had the time to post a cogent response to the announcement yet. I guess that my position on Destiny is that I have always really opposed the idea of the "resort" itself, but truly have thought the idea of a huge R&D park for sustainable "green" building practices and renewable energy would be a tremendous boon for Central NY. Look for my thoughts soon, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the issue. Come and comment, or post on your site, and I'll link to you.

On 3:32 PM , phil said...

1) My objection to the posts on Pataki is to the tone, not on the substance--look at what a great governor he is now by acting on our one interest. The breathless nature of the post doesn't put into context his evisceration of the DEC, the agency charged with protecting the environment. The post also frames the topic as Pataki, rather than on the green policies he is proposing. Why should I have to post to run down the litany of disasters wrought upon our state by this horrid governor, when what we all want to do is discuss the merits of the policies proposed?
2) Destiny is a sham on so many levels, the green angle is just another brick in the wall (so to speak.) Congel cloaked himself in the green mantle as yet another way to get over on the taxpayers and residents of Central N.Y. This is a tax avoidance and personal enrichment scheme, as is everything this corporate blowfish has ever done. Don't legitimize him by taking any argument on his terms. The only thing that's green about Destiny is the money Congel plans to stuff in his pockets.