Peak Wood Pellet?
12/01/2005 09:45:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
From Channel 9 in Syracuse:

Homeowners hoping to save money on heating bills this winter by using a wood pellet stove are running into a big problem.

They can't find any wood pellets because most retailers in the Syracuse area are sold out, and they are not expecting shipments any time soon.

A few months ago, stores couldn't keep wood pellet stoves in stock. They became a popular alternative to off-set the rising costs of home heating oil and natural gas.

The stoves sold out, then the pellets did too.

The Pellet Fuels Institute says the sale of wood pellet stoves was unprecedented this year, and pellet manufacturers haven't been able to keep up.

Video HERE

No snarky comment necessary.
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On 4:19 AM , Anonymous said...

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On 10:58 AM , Jaime said...

If the fuel prices stay where they are and the wood pellet mills up production, wood pellet stoves will become much higher in demand than they already are.
Wait until states like New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Hampshire catch on, then were really going to see a burst in the wood pellet stove industry just like the outdoor wood furnace industry. In that respect I mean nobody will be able to get a unit for 6-12 weeks. Companies like Harman are already finding it hard to keep up production.
This industry is becoming so popular that the Europeans are now starting to sell their units here in America. Ecoteck wood pellet stoves is just one of such companies now breaking into this exploding market.