Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!
12/25/2005 08:00:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Santa was good to me this year, and brought me my Kill-A-Watt! I have some good posts planned for the end of the year and 2006. Thanks to all that have been stopping by!

the Kill-A-Watt in action with the morning coffee
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On 9:23 PM , peakguy said...

I gave a bunch of people Compact Fluorescents Bulbs with information from an old post I made. Either people were well aware and had just not followed through on installing them or they really had not idea they were an option because they don't sell them everywhere. The kicker was when I told people that you can buy a 6 pack at Home Depot for $10, it became a no-brainer...I also got a Kill a Watt. Must have geeky tech for the peak oil crowd.

On 10:15 AM , lauren said...

Oooh..I want a Kill a Watt too!! Looking forward to hearing what you learn.

On 10:45 PM , Ryan Thibodaux said...

I haven't seen these... What exactly does it do?

On 12:00 AM , odograph said...

Congratulations! ... so what does a duty cycle on the coffee maker pull?

Not sure if you've seen my kill-a-watt caclulators, strictly FWIW.

Ryan, the Kill-A-Watt sits between the wall and whatever you want (with some total amp limit - no washing machines). It tells you the current amps and watts being pulled, but the coolest thing is that it totals up watts over time. When I tested my refrigerator (energy star kenmore top-freezer) I found that running 58 hours and 41 minutes consumed 2.90 kwh. Using my calculator:

average consumption 49.418 watts

KWH per year = 432.90

$40.58 per year at 0.09375 cents min charge
$73.77 per year at 0.17042 cents max charge

$3.38 per month at 0.09375 cents min charge
$6.15 per month at 0.17042 cents max charge

(the crazy max and min charges were Southern California Edison rates last summer)

On 2:27 AM , Liz Logan said...

I bought one for hubby for Christmas. That and a SmartStrip for one of the computers. Santa was very conservation minded this year.