Conspiracy Theory: ARE terrorists responsible for this?
12/11/2005 11:06:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
picture: Evening Star


Police said the explosions at the Buncefield depot, near Hemel Hempstead, Herts, appeared to have been accidental, although many people in the area had at first feared a terrorist attack. Only two people were seriously injured.

The blasts, which began at 6am, could be heard up to 100 miles away - some reports suggested that they were felt as far away as northern France and the Netherlands - while flames leapt more than 200ft in the sky.

Windows and doors were blown in and roofs were damaged up to three miles from the depot, which is close to Junction 8 of the M1 motorway. A section of the M1 and other roads were closed and further disruption is likely today, with Junction 8 and the northbound M10 remaining shut, possibly for several days.

My question is, would the government let the info out that it was a terrorist attack? I would think that doing so would lead to some social chaos, and hoarding of gasoline. It would highlight the vast defenselessness of our major petrol storage and refinery sites. A single strategically fired rocket or mortar would be all that is necessary to begin chain reaction explosions.

A huge cloud of black smoke was hanging over south-east England last night after a series of explosions at an oil depot started the biggest fire of its type in Europe since 1945.

It will be interesting to see what did cause this major explosion and its ramification on the British people and transportation.

Will there be claims from the terror groups? Why wouldn't they take credit, even if it was an accident?


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On 6:01 PM , UNplanner said...

My gut feeling is that this was an accident. A storage facility does not have the same level of importance that a refinery, pipeline or offshore loading platform would have. Knocking one of those out and a real shortfall could ensue, because a flow has been interrupted. This just represents a day or two of oil destroyed, for which there are apparent alternatives to make up the lost product. I can't imagine it amounting to much in the end. SPectacular pictures though.

On 6:46 PM , Kevin said...

I don't see how they could possibly determine at this early of a stage whether it was an accident or intentional. I think they're probably lying to calm the natives.

On 2:47 PM , Roy said...

Surely, when terrorists strike they want to do the most damage either to human life and/or to a section of a country's infrastructure which is highly vital such as fuel supply for road and air transportation. It is so logical that these are the things that terrorists will try to destroy. I can quite imagine a cover-up by authorities who don't want people to panic. Top authorities are notorious for this kind of thing.
Thanks for allowing a comment.

On 9:35 AM , Anonymous said...

Could well be work of a terrorist cell which is being covered up. If this is the case they will likely do another hit when everyones smashed and half asleep at christmas.....