Walgreen's blocked in Eastwood
11/28/2005 10:59:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
The Walkable Eastwood folks must be very happy. Score one for the little guys!

Eastwood Walgreens blocked
The Syracuse Planning Commission, by a 4-0 vote tonight, rejected the plans for a proposed Walgreens on James Street in Eastwood.

Commissioners said they were not opposed to a Walgreens at that location. But they said the developer, HDL Property Group LLC of the East Syracuse, hadn’t fully made the case that it needed several variances from local planning guidelines for the project to work.

As a result, the commissioners turned down the request for the variances “without prejudice.” That means HDL can summit revised plans or additional information in support of its current application without having to begin the whole application process from the beginning.

Guy W. Hart Jr., a partner with HDL, said he would meet with his other partners to decide how to precede. But he said he was not optimistic about the project.

For a complete report, read Tuesday’s Post-Standard.
UPDATE: They are happy -

Application denied!

Tonight, November 28, 2005, the City of Syracuse Planning Board unanimously denied the application for the Walgreens project because of the large number of variances needed that were not adequately justified. This denial was made "without prejudice," which means the developer may still return to the Board with a revised design that more closely meshes with the existing guidelines.

This is an historic victory for the concept of PLANNING in the city of Syracuse. Given that the guidelines are now a part of the recently approved Comprehensive Plan, we can begin to trust that our city decision makers will abide by plans that are developed by the people of the city.
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On 1:28 PM , Lonnie said...

As it turns out, this was just a part of a longer plan to keep resubmitting plans until people went on vacation. At the December 27, 2005 meeting, a slightly revised plan was approved, despite the large number of opponents in attendance. The same developer is using the same delaying tactics to get two overlarge signs approved. We need comments on our posts at walkeastwood.org ... thank you!