SU announces L.E.E.D. certified Dormitory Project
11/08/2005 03:22:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

Syracuse University is growing greener.

The university plans to announce Wednesday that it will join eight organizations to come up with ways to protect the environment. The plans call for constructing buildings that don't harm the environment and integrating so-called green principles throughout their organizations.

At SU, the announcement will mean that all new construction or renovation projects totaling $10 million or more will follow U.S. Green Building Council guidelines and seek the council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, Chancellor Nancy Cantor said.


The announcement follows SU's creation of a new Energy Council, made up of SU and State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry campus members. The group, which plans its kick-off meeting Wednesday, hopes to educate the campus community about energy issues, including green power.

In July, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency named SU to its Top 25 Green Power Partners. The list recognized SU's voluntary commitment to buy at least 20 percent of its electricity in the form of renewable energy. SU tied for 23rd with Santa Monica, Calif.


Building green is a matter of education and priorities, not just money, Fedrizzi said. Some factors to consider when planning a new project include the position of the building slab in relation to the sun, incorporating natural lighting throughout the building, and using geothermal systems under the floor, he said.

Officials from the Syracuse Center of Excellence and Energy Systems, a consortium of institutions led by SU, plan to seek the highest rating awarded by the Green Building Council for its proposed $26.5 million headquarters at East Water and Almond streets in Syracuse. The building may have bike racks, so people could bike rather than drive there, and may use environmentally friendly biofuels, architects have said.

Great to see SU taking the "LEED" so to speak in green building in Syracuse. (yes I am overtired and that was a lame attempt at a joke).

What I should have said:
Shorter Nancy Cantor: 'we don't need to wait for DestinyUSA, we'll show Destiny how to get it done.'
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On 7:55 PM , NYCO said...

I'll reserve judgment on that until something actually gets completed. Right now I see an awful lot of awards in this town being given out to people because of things they've ANNOUNCED, not things they've actually managed to completion.