Why is the title of this article "Crazy"???

Is it "crazy" that someone would use alternative green energy to provide 65-70% of their family farm's energy needs?

Jim Mather is no different than most people he's disgusted with high energy costs.

In addition to regular conservation methods, Mather would like to build a windmill on his 100-acre farm in the town of Marcellus.

The town, with no guidelines for building windmills, has scheduled a public hearing for 7:15 tonight to establish a six-month moratorium on windmill construction.

"I expected it," Mather said. "They are totally justified. We all want things to happen instantly but nothing happens instantly."

Safety is the major issue, Mather said. That also was the flavor of remarks from town board officials.

"There are some controversial issues," town attorney Mike Cogswell said. "There's the visual. Evidently, they make a racket.

"And there's the safety issue."


Mather said hevisited a small farm in Moravia that has a unit like the one he wants.

"They're very happy," Mather said. Those farmers think the windmill will pay for itself in seven years; the manufacturer suggests a 10-year payback period.

"And I was within 500 feet of their windmill and didn't hear any noise," he said.

This particular windmill has fewer moving parts than most and has a good warranty, Mather said. "It seems to be the most efficient."

The windmill would take care of 65 percent to 70 percent of the electric needs of the farm. More, Mather said, if the family conserves.

I understand that having a windmill on a neighbor's property may cause some concern, if you lived in a row home! This guy has a 100 acre farm! I hope that the town will do the research it needs to do and allow windmills for energy production. I never quite understood the aesthetics question of windmills. Are they ugly? I always thought that they kinda looked peaceful.

I think that Kunstler was right, that many battles will ensue as people begin to challenge the status quo in their communities, and zoning boards will be the grounds for many green issues. Hopefully by the time you read this Syracuse.com will have changed the title of this article. Crazy?
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On 8:41 PM , RomeHater said...

As I understand it, they are about as loud as a washing machine. But then, it's a washing machine 100 feet away from you.

If ou take into account the 50% cost break from NY, you get pretty close to the power company's charge for electricity now. And this is before the winter increase.

On 5:47 PM , peakguy said...

What people need to be educated on is that the new windmills are much, much better than the ones they made just 10 years ago. It's funny that with almost all forms of burning fossil fuels, which has very real tangible scientific evidence that it harms the community's environment and health, people assert their individual rights to "freedom" but for windmills people talk about aesthetics to assert the community's rights over the individual. Therefore aesthetics is more important than the environment or public health. Really great priorities we have.

On 4:36 AM , UNplanner said...

This is the same issue here in Lincoln Oregon. Several well meaning politicians are casting a skeptical eye at this method of electrical generation due to potential visual and bird-safety concerns. At this point the point of view of "not in my back yard" will suffice when 75% of your electricity comes from fossil fuels conveniently located well away from your area. The opinion might be a little different when it means "no lights at all"

I expect pitched battles over this and other renewables until TSHTF. Then the mad scramble will begin.

On 11:49 PM , Anonymous said...

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