Launch of geddesblog tonight!
11/29/2005 07:20:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Give it a look, local info for the Geddes and Fairmount area of Syracuse. I will be addressing local issues in the context of peak oil and sustainability.

This blog will be dealing with issues relating to the Geddes and Fairmount areas of Syracuse. My focus will be initially to highlight and promote local businesses, locate and post potential opportunities for development, and to deal with any problems or public issues that arise in our area.

As we head into the future, I believe that communities will be able to rely less and less on the "global economy" to take care of our needs, as the price and availability of cheap oil and oil products declines. Communities will have to face shortages of energy and food if they are not prepared for such an eventuality. Big box stores such as Walmart, and Home Depot will become unsustainable. Local businesses frequented by people in their neighborhood to support them will again become an important and vibrant part of our society.

Communities that have infrastructure that can provide public transportation, food production, energy independence, and walkable communities will be in the position to thrive. I believe that the Solvay/Geddes/Fairmount area, has the necessary ingredients to be a sustainable community in the 21st century.
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On 8:31 PM , peakguy said...

Thanks for posting the find. Perhaps we should start getting a list of all the peak oil aware blogs in New York State and start networking more. It would be great to start putting energy issues on the agenda a little more. And we do have a governor's race this year!