Going to the Walmart Movie free screening tonight
11/14/2005 06:15:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Going to go to the recently renovated Palace Theatre in Eastwood tonight to see The Walmart Movie: The High Cost of Low Price.

Should be interesting:
WAL-MART: THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICE is a feature length documentary that uncovers a retail giant's assault on families and American values.

The film dives into the deeply personal stories and everyday lives of families and communities struggling to fight a goliath. A working mother is forced to turn to public assistance to provide healthcare for her two small children. A Missouri family loses its business after Wal-Mart is given over $2 million to open its doors down the road. A mayor struggles to equip his first responders after Wal-Mart pulls out and relocates just outside the city limits. A community in California unites, takes on the giant, and wins!

Producer/Director Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films take you on an extraordinary journey that will change the way you think, feel -- and shop.

We have wanted to see the Palace too!

UPDATE (9:30pm):
I am going to vomit. Then I am never ever going to shop at WalMart again. If you read this blog, you owe it to yourself to hunt down a screening of this movie, or host a screening yourself. You will never shop at WalMart again. I mean it.

I will have to gather my thoughts before I post more on this issue. My wife and a good friend of mine went with me, I was the only one that had any idea what we were walking into. My friend was happy that I took her to it, but pissed because she was so fired up about it.

[if you are local, watch news10now, for a rare glimpse of baloghblog speaking out in public. Updated with video]
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On 9:38 AM , peakguy said...

I'm trying to find a screening in my neighborhood, but all the small ones are filled up. Maybe I'll just get the DVD myself. Great quote on TV!

On 7:26 PM , Tim of Suburbia said...

Dammit! I need Walmart to make my lifestyle affordable! I am not kidding.

On 8:30 PM , ecocny said...

Frontline's "Is wal-mart good for america?" is another must see, (if you haven't already). It discusses Wal-mart from a macroeconomic perspective; sounds like a nice compliment to this documentary. You can watch the program online:


I look forward to reading your additional posts on this subject.

On 10:00 PM , peaknik said...

I looked for the nearest viewing to me and it was 45 minutes away and on a night I need to go and watch my daughter in a musical for the first time. But it is good to know that someone in my vicinity had the b*lls enough to show something like this!

Nice clip! Are you with a labor union?

Maybe I'll just end up buying my own DVD and showing it to friends and family. I did that with 911, Outfoxed, and Truth Uncovered. I believe the same guy who produced or directed Outfoxed was the same to do this Walmart DVD.

On 10:16 PM , baloghblog said...

No I am not in a labor union (good question though). My employer discourages it. Luckily for me they discourage it with competetive wages and a strong benefits package.

I think that it would be worth purchasing the DVD and passing it around or having a showing of it with friends and family (or in the community).

EcoNY, I will have to check that video out as well.

Tim: not sure what you are getting at, or what part of your lifestyle that WalMart currently isn't affordable in. The only thing that came to mind is in the organic food department. Let me know if you would, I am intrigued.