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11/27/2005 01:15:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
I am fairly leary of typing Nancy Cantor's name on my blog, click here for why that is so. But I found another letter to the editor that makes a good point.

If the constituents in Syracuse were asked, "If you found out that Jim Walsh had secured $2 million dollars for development of the SU corridor project, would you be pleased and support him?"

I think that the answer to that specific question would be yes.

Now, let's rephrase that.

"If you found out that Jim Walsh voted in favor of cutting student loans, money to the chronically ill, and the food stamp program, and shifted $2 million dollars of that money to pay for the SU corridor project, would you be pleased and support him?"

It's all our money. What are you in favor of? Pork projects for wealthy universities, or pork dinners for those in the projects?

We know Jim Walsh's response.
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On 6:27 AM , LuceLu said...

Considering SU has also raised student tuition costs to almost $30,000 per annum-- a 6% increase (not including housing, food and fees).

They have been raising tuition fees every year. I highly doubt the school provides more in services. In fact, it seems every year the school leadership clamps down on their freedom of expression and practices reactionary racial/sexual/social politics.

I mean, who really needs asexual bathrooms?

Basically SU gets to build the same reason my hospital gets to build in the city--no need to go through the obstructionist city common council.

James Walsh made a major bad voting for that bill. I heard on the news that Schumer and Clinton hope to reinstate the food stamp program funds when it goes to Senate.

It is wrong to balance the budget of a nation on the backs of the poor and unborn. I'm a Conservative and see that the Republicans are spend happy when it comes to the Ominibus bill, the Transportation bill, and International Aid, shaping anti-domestic labor policies which shift income away from our cities and towns are ticking me off. I don't believe in giving handouts (fish) without hand-ups (teach to fish) and I still think the cuts were unwarranted.

And of course the automatic payraise will go through.