Carnival of the Green now in week 4!
11/28/2005 10:31:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Go read greatgreengoods who are hosting the Carnival of the Green this week. I am planning on hosting in March.

Here are the previous weeks entries:

Week 1: CityHippy
Week 2: Triple Pundit
Week 3: Sustainablog

And an overall description, for those who haven't been following it yet:
Each week, on mondays, a green blog will host the Carnival of the Green and will provide, in one single and probably large post, a digest of the posts other green bloggers have submitted for consideration during the previous week (friday to friday).

Each Carnival of the Green will also have a link to the previous and next Carnival of the Green hosts as well as a link back to this Launch post (either on City Hippy or Triple Pundit or both if you like).

To submit a post for consideration to the Carnival of the Green (do not submit content - just a link to your post), please email with the link.

To add yourself to the list of Carnival of the Green hosts please email one of us at or

As host you will receive, just for your friday to friday week, all email sent to the email address.

It is upto to you to make the Carnival of the Green happen each week. Do whatever you should be fun not stressful!
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