Back in business...
11/28/2005 09:15:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Well I am no longer camera-less. I have spent the past few days researching digital cameras on-line (thus the lack of posts), and today I pulled the trigger and purchased a Kodak EasyShare Z730. (Paying more than 20% less then the suggested cost on the Kodak website.) It is not as compact as my old Canon S200, but given the fact that the problem that affected my camera (lens error E18) was not uncommon in all lines of the Canon Brand, I decided to look elsewhere.

I tried to do the right thing and buy from an American company. A local one at that, in my case. But sad to say, the camera was not built in Rochester, NY as I'd hoped, but "Designed in Japan and Made in China" according to the label. At least a few pencil pushers can keep their jobs on my account (G-d forbid an American company hires an American engineer!).


Anyways, I am very pleased so far with my purchase. The price was right, the features are numerous, there is crisp video, and the resolution is 2 1/2 times better than my old camera, allowing for larger prints to be made.

I will take it back out on the road again tomorrow, and hopefully get back in the habit of taking a few pictures a day.

I am also tinkering with the idea of a new "sister" blog to baloghblog, that would focus on local businesses in the immediate area, what services and stores are needed (potential opportunities), and empty and abandon buildings that show potential to be rehabed. I'd like to expand my role as a blogger and interview some of the local business owners - I am sure that there are a lot of good stories behind the stores out there. Have to put some thought into that. I'd have to consider my audience versus the time that I'd put into it - most of my readers are from out of state or from the NYC area.
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On 9:34 PM , peaknik said...

That's a good idea. We think alot alike! I might do something like that in a sense. I could use my picture blog for that.

I really like that camera! Looks nice.

I recently bought some rechargeable batteries for my camera and a charger but the darn thing isn't working right. It was a waste of my money. So, I haven't been able to take many pictures either.