Update on Jake Roberts: "Going Green"
10/11/2005 10:19:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

Just a quick post, more later. For those who have been following... Jake Roberts made a valiant attempt to get on the November ballot as a mayoral candidate under the YES! party independent line. However, a sufficient number of signatures were not gathered prior to the deadline. Jake and his crew planned a write-in campaign, but an email today informed me that the focus will now shift to campaigning for Howie Hawkins the Green Party candidate for major.

From the Syracuse Post-Standard:

Roberts: Lack of time key factor in decision to leave mayoral race

Monday, October 10, 2005
By Michele Reaves
Staff writer

Jacob Roberts said Sunday he just didn't give himself enough time to run in Syracuse's mayoral race.

Roberts joined the campaign less than a month before the August petition deadline. He needed 1,500 signatures to get on the November ballot. His campaign petition was 500 signatures short, so he could run only as a write-in candidate.

Roberts confirmed Sunday that he has dropped out of the race.

He said he attended all the mayoral debates and felt his ideas closely matched Howie Hawkins' plans.

"Primarily, one of the things that we hold true is power to the people, grass-roots democracy," Roberts said.

Hawkins welcomes Roberts' support.

"We were hoping that he would be with us on this campaign," Hawkins said.

Roberts said he and Hawkins plan to release an alternative to the Destiny USA project this week. He would not give details of the idea.

Roberts said he also backed Hawkins because he liked how Hawkins fared against Mayor Matt Driscoll, a Democrat, and Republican-Independence-Conservative candidate Joanie Mahoney at debates.

"I had a chance to watch Howie and see how he was able to stand up to the two other candidates as a third-party candidate," Roberts said.

Hawkins may have a good chance to win if people look at the candidates' ideas and not vote along party lines, Roberts said.

"The word I heard on the street . . . was that we need solutions," he said. "We need people that are going to bring strong solutions to the table."

Roberts said he might run again in the future. In the meantime, he will devote his energy to Hawkins' campaign.

It is unclear what impact - if any - Roberts' decision will have on the race. Traditionally, write-in candidates struggle to attract even a small percentage of the vote.

Neither Driscoll nor Mahoney could be reached for comment.

Staff writer Ngoc Huynh contributed to this report.

I am onboard with this decision. Without being on the ballot, it seemed a very difficult climb to get any press, and any respect. I kept hoping that Jake could at least get invited to the debates to get his great ideas out there in the public forum. I continue to support what Jake Roberts has brought to this years mayoral campaign, and look forward to learning more about Howie and supporting him.

Keep up the good work, Jake.
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