New Windows = No Draft!!
10/31/2005 07:51:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
Unbelievable, as I sit and type in my bare feet on hardwood floors, there is now no draft in my office. My buddy and the colonel came over yesterday to start installing new energy star replacement windows. They are so worth it. Here are some pictures:

old windows, single pane casement style. (circa 1950)

old window frame being removed by the colonel.

new window frame installed

finished product from outside. New (and recycled) trim needs to be repainted. (sheesh it gets dark early when EDT ends!)

new windows from inside this a.m. Unfortunately inside trim was damaged in demolition. (nothing is easy in this house!) A small price to pay for warm feets.

"Only" 4 more windows to go. Can't wait until the bedroom windows are done. We will be able to save a bundle this winter on heating costs if they are as efficient in keeping the draft out as this one is.

p.s., doing this window ourselves saved over 500 dollars. This even with a trip to the lumber store for some unforseen purchases. We were quoted $800 per window - installed from the local window company. Priceless to have someone in your community who knows how to install them, maybe you have one in your neighborhood or circle of friends too. Many thanks to him!
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On 5:29 PM , J said...

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