Less Words, More Action: Pantry Stock Started
10/12/2005 08:23:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

Futhered our personal preparation today by going to BJ's wholesale and started a food and supply pantry for the winter months. I felt slightly paranoid stocking up on batteries, spam and jars of PB&J, but after I got it home and on the shelf - I felt much better.

It is nice to know that I have a week or two worth of food and the beginning of a nice food pantry. G-d forbid that we have to use it in an emergency, but if we are stuck in the home for a extended period of time, we won't have to brave the throngs of people at the supermarket.

Some other items that I would like to stock up on are: soup and beef stew (too expensive at BJ's), additional canisters for lantern or back up for the grill, lighters (only came in 50 pack), a good first-aid kit, and a water filtration device of some kind.

Oh, and I found out that our new energy efficient windows came in today and will be delivered late this week or early next week. That will be the next project and learning experience.
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On 8:23 PM , City Hippy said...

Hey Baloghblog

Triple Pundit & I have launched the Carnival of the Green...could not find email address for you hence the comment...

Check it out on the site...wanna host?



On 9:28 PM , Tim of Suburbia said...

First sign of the real pandemic and I'm taking my family and heading for the hills. I don't think my family could avoid infecion in our close knit suburban existence. Fortunately my parents live in the foothills of the Appalachians and have their own water, heat and electrical source (as long as we can get ahold of propane and gasoline).

On 9:36 PM , Blaine said...

Congrats on getting your pantry stocked, it's a nice feeling to get something like that accomplished. My wife and I are starting to talk about getting ahead as well. Thanks for sharing your experiences!