how many blogs can you keep up with?
10/17/2005 05:31:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
My limit seems to be about 10-15. I do have bloglines, with plenty of feeds, but find that I don't like to read the political blogs thru bloglines, that it takes away from the true feeling. I have found that there does seem to be a limit to the number of blogs that I can check into on a daily or weekly basis. There is just too much info out there, and from a overabundance of sources (that is the way I like it, don't get me wrong.) I just feel like I can only have so many as favorites...

my top 8 political blogs make my bookmarks toolbar:
Drudge (I know he leans right, but you can't beat his breaking news.)
Raw Story (A sort of Drudge for Left leaners like me, but updated much less frequently)
Crooks and Liars (video blog)
Huffington Post
1st Draft (Holden is great at dissecting the gaggle at the white house)

My peak oil/sustainability favorites are:

NYCO's blog is the mackdaddy.

I just wondered if anyone pondered the same thing as I did. I try to be a good reader of all the great blogs out there, like all the ones on my bloglines list to the right that I catch up with as I can.

I am no expert on blogs, but what sells me is
  • more photos. text is great, but c'mon, throw in at least a snarky picture once in a while.
  • shorter to the point writing. I have been known to type up a good rant, but c'mon 2000 words on Judy Miller? I don't give THAT much of a shit. Get to the point.
  • more rants. yes, I just contradicted myself, but an off-on-a-tangent balls-out rant is good for the soul, and good for your readership. Just know what is rant-worthy is all that I ask.
  • more cool links. like why the hell didn't I think of this?
  • a good layout. nothing makes me not want to go back to a site than an unreadable type one shade different than the background color.
  • A good stromboli recipe. (I prefer straight pepperoni)
Well I guess to keep my readership, I better follow my own rules: Here's a cool pic of Venice -

And a cool link:
the lost numbers blog
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On 8:44 PM , Tim of Suburbia said...

Excellent list, and right on the money. I know it's hard to believe coming from me, but I find that unless the content is exceptional, I only return to blogs with a good layout that doesn't distract!

On 9:52 PM , Ianqui said...

Amen brother--more photos!

(It's funny that you mark my personal blog as sustainability. I don't really think of it that way, but I guess that I do use it to discuss the bleeding heart and way-out-there stuff that I'd never put on TOD. Anyway, glad you're reading!)

On 11:35 PM , Liz Logan said...

There's no way I could keep up if I was working.

Okay I am going to try and find a photo for today!

On 8:36 PM , LuceLu said...

My faves tend to run on the other end of the political spectrum, not that I'm republican but I view myself as being conservative--in the vein of a frugal independant yankee type.

On 11:08 PM , peakguy said...

balogh - good list. My favorite lefty news site is Sean-Paul is pretty good.

Also I moved Peak Oil NYC to TOD - NYC

On 3:46 AM , UNplanner said...

Judging by your comments dropped at my site, you still visit from time to time.

On 7:57 AM , baloghblog said...

I love your indepth posts unplanner. That is my point, there is so much great writing out there. It is hard to keep up with it all (I spend a little too much time trying). I would have deinitely mentioned your site on my must see list, but didn't know if you were done with the move yet (I know what a big PIA that is...) and were posting regularly again.

Lucelu: I tend to keep this site apolitical unless there is something going on that cannot escape being mentioned. I think that the reason that I embrace progressive politics is because I believe that this country is currently heading in a dangerous direction, and to be honest I don't trust this administration to do anything about it. And I think that we have a duty to take care of and boost the spirit and opportunities for all Americans.