Wegmans - Can't they do more?
9/20/2005 07:48:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
Typical parking lot at Wegman's Food Store (on a monday):

I got my butt up and walked down to the supermarket yesterday, because I couldn't justify getting in the car and driving down there for 2 items. (pepperoni & marinara sauce for a homemade stromboli, if you must know.) The walk is nice and about a mile each way from my home, if that. Three things I noticed? 1. there is no sidewalk that extends from the store. You have to walk in on a service road, and over uneven grass. 2. the streets and sidewalks along my route were in such poor shape, with garbage that had been there for months (doesn't anyone clean this area? DPW, etc?) 3. Why is there no public transportation that serves this store? The nearest bus stop seems to be a good distance away, with again, no sidewalk to get there.

Two conclusions: 1. Wegmans has an opportunity to improve it's accessibility and promote good health by making their stores accessible by foot/bike. 2. County/town/local officials should be forced to walk the streets of their district at least once every six months to get a feel for what the pedestrian experiences, and get a closer view of the area, not just in a passing car.

The above will not dissuade me from walking again, though, it was a beautiful sky:

Over Konsumerland:

I will give Wegmans kudos for there recycling effort, taking in not only their plastic bags for recycling, but also household batteries fort the local recycling agency:
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On 11:35 AM , Ianqui said...

So you should try to pressure your town officials into putting in sidewalks for people who want to walk to the store. It seems like that simple step (installing sidewalks for a 2 mile radius or so) would go a long way toward encouraging that kind of behavior.

On 7:37 PM , Liz Logan said...

Good for you for walking!

On 1:40 PM , NYCO said...

"1. there is no sidewalk that extends from the store. You have to walk in on a service road, and over uneven grass."

But it's worse than that from a pedestrian standpoint. There's also no way to even safely walk from parts of the parking lot to the door of the store! (If you park in the wrong row, you are forced to walk right in the driving lane next to the front of the store, as you make your way toward either of the doors.)