Sustainability Entry: potato harvest
9/02/2005 07:49:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
I dug up the potatoes from the garden today, after the tops had yellowed and wilted. There was a decent harvest from the 6 plants that remained. I had originally planted 8 "clumps" but took two out early when it looked like the leaves had some sort of infection.

We dined on fresh potatoes (with a little butter and sour cream, I must admit) tonight with some BBQ boneless thighs on the grill. Delish!

Here's a few pictures of the harvest: (not bad for eye filled potatos that were to be discarded instead of planted)

Straight out of the garden

After a hose down

Final Rinse

I plan on planting them differently next year. I plan to combine a large amount of topsoil with compost and manure into a large mound, then plant the potato pieces all over the large mound in the loose soil. I will also keep it watered more, and hope for slightly larger spuds.

What will I keep it watered with? Coming soon: rainwater collection system project.
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