Surpassed 10,000 page loads!
9/07/2005 08:55:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Although I may have been a percentage of hits the first few months of stat counting at baloghblog, I have to be proud that I have gotten my 10,000 pageload here!

Page loads: 10,131
Unique Visitors: 5,004
First Time Visitors: 2,935
Returning Visitors: 2,069

Average page loads: 61
Avg Unique Visitors: 37
Avg First Time Visitors: 29
Avg Returning Visitors: 17
(past 30 days)

First Post here February 17, 2005

First Flicker photo:

out my front window this a.m. Posted by Hello

First peak oil post

First Rant

Thanks again to all you visitors who have stumbled upon this lowly blog and have come back for more. Now I can count on 17 loyal visitors (up a bit from 3!). Looking forward to the day when I have 100 loyal readers.
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On 6:59 PM , Liz Logan said...

Is that snow?!

On 7:59 PM , baloghblog said...

should have clarified... That picture is the first Flickr photo that I put on my blog. It was titled "out my front window this a.m."

Soon enough though, soon enough < /sigh>