Spitzer getting on the case of higher gas prices
9/02/2005 07:25:00 AM | Author: baloghblog

Syracuse Post-Standard:

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's offices across the state, including in Syracuse, were fielding "a heavy volume of calls from angry consumers, and basically they're asking why is the price of gas so high," said Marc Violette, of Spitzer's Albany office.

The attorney general's staff has begun studying the gas pricing structure, Violette said.

Later in the day, Spitzer and Gov. George Pataki issued a statement saying the State Gasoline Price Stability Task Force is paying close attention to gas prices. They publicized a toll-free hotline for motorists to register complaints on price-fixing, (800) 214-4372. Motorists also can register complaints online at www.nysconsumer.gov.

Spitzer's office said that complaints of price-gouging will be investigated

For those with a "visual mind":
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