Quick glance at the ACL fest
9/27/2005 07:53:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
More pics and thoughts coming later, for now... uggh. Back to work! Random order due to blogger...

The tickets:

Jeff Tweedy and Wilco, up close on the big screen:

Great sign. Should be posted in NYC as well.

Sunset over Bloc Party:

The Arcade Fire - I will have much much more to say about them. They may be the best band out there right now:

Another sunset picture, made it up to at least 96 deg each day, topping out at 108 on the last day of the show. At least no hurricane! Just plenty of sweat, and seeking shade:

Seeking shade:

Another great show of the concert, Rilo Kiley:

A plug-in hybrid group was collecting signatures and handing these fans out:

Kasabian rocked:

pic of the crowd, not sure who is playing at first glance:

All in all, one of the most well organized, great sounding shows of my life. Introduced to some great new music that is out there. Will write and post more pics soon.
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On 9:34 PM , peakguy said...

Wasn't sure if you heard about this, but Kunstler is going to be speaking in NYC next Wednesday - www.petrocollapse.org

That weekend in Austin sounded awesome. Glad Rita missed you.